Mama birds and Humming Birds

There is a certain kind of joy in having a rooftop garden.  I hear it from my clients.  Clients call me to share their happiness from their first summer blooms, or how grand their grasses looked during their fall parties.  

But Jacqui is Harlem's rooftop gardener princess.  She had a hummingbird visiting the bright pink flowers on her mandevilla vine she planted.  I always remind her of that so she keeps mandevillas on her annual plant list each year.  Then she sends me this awesome photo of three beautiful eggs in a little bird's nest she found in one of her Leyland Cypresses.   They were Northern Mocking  eggs.   That summer she witnessed a mama bird raise her little babies till they all flew away.  

The Speckled, Eggshell Blue colored eggs - from a Northern Mocking Bird.  Photo via: Jacui Paredi